IACAP Oregon 2024: Annual Conference

Welcome to the conference registration site for the International Association for Computing and Philosophy's Annual Conference for 2024 at the University of Oregon in Eugene, Oregon!

Early Bird ticket sales close 1 June.

IACAP Members (Those who registered in 2024 and lifetime members) get special registration discounts.

Where does the event happen? University of Oregon,
Department of Philosophy
1295 University of Oregon
Eugene, OR 97403-1295

When does the event happen?
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Conference Registration

from $50.00 to $150.00
Early Bird Admission + 2024 IACAP Membership

For those registering before 1 June 2024 and who are not IACAP members

Original price: $150.00 New price: $100.00

Early Bird Admission for IACAP Members

This price is for those who are members during 2024 (those who purchased memberships during 2024 and those who are lifetime members)

Original price: $115.00 New price: $65.00

General Admission

For those registering after 1 June 2024.

Original price: $150.00 New price: $150.00

Not available yet.

Student Bursary + IACAP 2024 Membership

For postgraduate students who want to attend the conference.

Original price: $150.00 New price: $50.00